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'05 Rose Bowl Tailgate
Posted By: URmyBoyBlue
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The Usual Suspects


Just Chillin'

It's On! They're off!


How Much for the Women?

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UR Michigan Stadium

Marsh-Mellow Frenzy

My Freshman Year in '91, was a real pinnacle for marshmelllow fights in the Student Section. It use to get rowdy and the cops were starting to really... [read more]
UR Michigan Stadium

“Over! Over!”

As a kid, my favorite crowd activity at the Big House was the passing people up the bleachers over everybody. I loved it how everyone helped out. Nobody... [read more]
It’s everything about where it all goes down! UR stories about the UR arenas, stadiums, fields; the parties, those fixtures that are synonymous with the experience.
UR Cheerleaders, UR Golf Courses, UR Cities, UR Pre-Game, UR Michigan Stadium, UR Palace, UR Tailgates, UR Food & Drink, UR Beer!, UR "House Keepers", UR Pan-Handlers, UR Statues & Monuments, ...
UR Tailgates

Pauline is for the Dogs!!

[view photos]
UR Michigan Stadium

Catch the Wave, Big House Style!

Sure, some think that it is a played out form of expression, but at the Big House, with close to 100,000 participating, it is pretty awesome to see! First... [read more]
UR Michigan Stadium

There is just nothing like...

Don't ever take September in Ann Arbor for granted. Tonight I went to watch the NCAAF home opener for a team that will remain nameless. It was a Thursday... [read more]
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Community and In-house selections will then be included in a commemorative edition Michigan Sports Fan book. UR stories and memories are as important as any, so believe in that, be proud of that and contribute. Have fun and thanks again!
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Story Submission UR Mascot Stories: Anything funny and peculiar about UR Mascots. We want to start a Mascot Hall of Fame!
Story Submission Pudge, Farewell to a Future All-Star: UR stories of the good and bad he leaves with the great city of Detroit!
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Story Submission Barry Sander's Sportmanship: UR Memories of Barry's modesty and class behavior.
Story Submission Wayne Fontes: UR Stories and Pictures having to do with the "legendary" Lions coach.
Story Submission Stories about your playing days: If you played football or any other varisity sport for the University of Michigan, we want to hear about it!
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