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About this Site

UR Michigan Sports originally came about from the fun of getting together as Michigan Sports Fans, watching games and talking about all of the times and memories that we shared. Thatís the passion of sports: you can talk about it for hours and love to do it with anybody who loves sports as much Ö especially if they love UR team. I became fascinated by this passion and memory in sportsí fans and decided to write a book about funny, emotional, relatable and memorable moments in Michigan Sports History.

ďLet's remember things like they really were - through the eyes and hearts of the fans.Ē
Ė UR Sports Culture

And Detroit is a great place to love your sports because itís typically no nonsense. Itís blue-collar and itís honest. There are so many great things to write about: UR players, UR come-backs, tUR blow-outs, UR favorite bars, UR food, UR tailgates, UR parties. I realized every MI sports fan would have something great to contribute: where you were when the Wings pounded Patrick Roy, pictures of some crazy costume they wore to some game, a story about being a life-long Lions fan though they never lived in MI. Only all of those stories would make for the ultimate fan book!

Now, with the help of the Internet, we can all help build a great web site and produce a great book; while getting involved with the entertainment and art of sports writing. It is a release, itís therapeutic and itís exciting. This is an online community preserving the important memories shared amongst state specific sports fans. This site and resulting book will be created by the people and for the people. Itís a history, as documented by the fans - that's the most important thing!

What We Are Looking For:

UR Editors will be asking questions and highlighting submissions to get everything about UR sports: what you love about you teams / hate about your teams, everything that makes people get together excited and laughing. Weíre not trying to reinvent the wheel with the typical sports book. The Detroit Free Press and others have done that very nicely. We want something different, something from the people. The only highlight we will host will be a highlight through the fans eyes!!!

Thank you, sincerely, for taking an interest We hope you leave UR mark on Michigan Sports history.

All the best,
UR Favorite Foods

Blimpy Burger!

A main staple of the U of M Diet, Blimpy Burger is a unique experience that all must enjoy. It's conveniently located behind South and West Quads, the... [read more]
UR Rivalries

Colorado Avalanche Still Big...

Watching the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup this year reminded of all the past years hard sacrifice and hard work. But for whatever... [read more]
It's everything about U, the fans! UR Memories, UR photos, UR Jokes, UR Rivalries; where you were at when the big play went down. You deserve credit for UR efforts and emotion.
UR Super-Fans, UR Look-a-Likes Pictures, UR Rivalries, UR Traditions, UR Favorite Bars(In-State), UR Best Bets, UR Drinking Games, UR City Rivalries, UR Parties, UR Favorite MI Musicians, UR Tickets, UR International Reach, ...
UR Rivalries

One for the ages!

It was 2003 the 100th meeting between Michigan and Ohio State at the big house. Michigan needed this one badly as the "Sweater-vest" had won two in a... [read more]
UR Favorite Foods

Benny's Bakery Pretzels - Saline,...

From as early as I can remember (and we're talking 70's here), our Michigan Stadium tailgate always included hot, soft Benny's Bakery pretzels. It just... [read more]
UR Owners

Oh, God - You've Won All Three!!!

Coincidence ... I think not. Bill Davidson is God ... or, at least Oh, God! After the modest Billionaire (or close to it) successfully won three titles... [read more]
UR Personal Run-Ins

ďSell Out! Sell Out!Ē

In 1991, I started at the University of Michigan with the fab five. It was a pretty special time. It was the best recruiting class in recent memory (maybe... [read more]
UR Players: Itís all about the teams and athletes U love. Submit UR stories that everybody needs to know about the players, the coaches, everybody.
UR Coaches, UR Athletes, UR Personal Run-Ins, UR Owners, UR Draft Picks, UR Worst Franchise, UR Quotes, UR Great Teams, UR Labels, UR Sportmanship, UR Hardest Working, UR Clutch, ...
UR Coaches

The Time I Met Lloyd Carr

It was the late summer of 2002 and I had returned to Ann Arbor as I usually do at this time of year. I happened to be walking north on State Steet towards... [read more]
UR Athletes

Danny Cleary's Newfoundland

If you haven't seen the Cup's Summer Stories on NHL.TV, make it a priority! I couldn't be prouder of the guys and all the success... [read more]

Stevie Y!

What was your proudest moment? In life and as a Red Wing?

Cheryl Ford

Who are you more scared of: your father, Karl Malone or Coach Laimbeer?
We are so tired of weak interview questions! With all the fans contributing and voting on the best interview questions, we can get you closer to and more in touch with UR Favorite Players, UR Coaches, UR Owners, everyone.
James Van Horne, Stevie Y, Joe Dumars, Chauncey Billups, Bill Laimbeer, Chris Speilman, Mike Babcock, Jim Leeland, Rick Mahorn, Tommy Hearns, Tom Izzo, Rich Rod, ...

Kirk Gibson

Fresh water or salt water fishing? Craziest guy you ever played with? MSU stories?

Isiah Thomas

How would it have changed things for you to have stayed in Detroit? Who knows you best from the Old Pistons?
UR Athletes

I Saw It First!!!

It is like a dream, now. Back when I was at U of M ('91 - '95), the student section at the Big House was "first come, first serve." (Is it still like... [read more]
UR Personal Run-Ins

Just UR Not So Average Payday!

It was just another regular weekday afternoon. I was sitting in my office when a friend emailed and said our friend, David Ping, was in the final round... [read more]
UR Parties

The Undisputed #1 Party School...

... has always been State and anybody who has ever been there to party with Sparty knows it. With a few parties of my own planned, I actually only made... [read more]


UR Tailgates

'05 Rose Bowl Tailgate

[view photos]
UR Palace

The Palace Comes with All the...

I don't know who deserves the credit, but somewhere in the middle of Bill Davidson, Joe Dumars, Mase, George Blaha came little extras that make the Palace... [read more]
Itís everything about where it all goes down! UR stories about the UR arenas, stadiums, fields; the parties, those fixtures that are synonymous with the experience.
UR Cheerleaders, UR Golf Courses, UR Cities, UR Pre-Game, UR Michigan Stadium, UR Palace, UR Tailgates, UR Food & Drink, UR Beer!, UR "House Keepers", UR Pan-Handlers, UR Statues & Monuments, ...
UR Cities

Beautiful D-town in the Summer!

Had a blast enjoying Motown in the summer of 2003. [read more]
UR Pre-Game

The Warmest of Palace Welcomes...

With the emergence of Mase and all of the ingeniously implemented rituals (flame throwers, "Goin' to Work" factory whistle) that makes the Palace a unique... [read more]
UR Radio

WJR repainted the BLUE room...

WJR repainted the BLUE room with GREEN paint! A true story by Art Vuolo, Jr. In a stunning turn of events, the University of Michigan... [read more]
UR Radio

WJR in the Summer of '84

I can remember it like it were yesterday. I was 11 years old. The windows in our Saline, MI house were always open and the fans on to lessen the humidity.... [read more]
UR Media: Itís UR thoughts and opinions about the media coverage around UR MI sports. Itís UR tv shows, UR radio, UR movies,the analysts, the predictions, the technologies.
UR Radio, Commentators, Journalists, TV Shows, Radio Shows, Sportscasters, Dumbest Predictions, Best Calls, Blogging, Press Conferences, Viewing Pleasures, Sports Movies, ...
Dumbest Predictions

Tom Tolbert REALLY Screwed...

He is nowhere to be found!!! And, for good reason following his prediction of the Pistons / Lakers '04 Finals. I know you're saying everybody picked... [read more]
TV Shows

Michigan Replay

Alsan's memories of waking up and hearing the theme song. [read more]

The Fight Heard Round the World!

I'll never forget that night. My Boy, Chronic (search that name and you will understand his loyalty to the D), was unable to catch the game, so he was... [read more]
UR Mascots

Stories about Sparty!!!

Who has the best stories about UR beloved Sparty? [read more]
UR Gametime: UR submissions would include everything about the action! The Blowouts, The Bad Calls, The Comebacks, The Chokes, The Bad Breaks, The Fights.
UR Team Rivalries, Best Tailgate Parties, UR Mascots, Stanley Cup Finals, Detroit SuperBowls, NBA Finals, '06 World Series, Great Seasons, All-Star Games, Blow-Outs, Come-Backs, Underdogs, ...
UR Team Rivalries

Avs - Game 7 - 2002

This is my nomination for the greatest blowout in Michigan sports history. I don't have to remind anybody ... we were facing elimination in game 6, in... [read more]
UR Team Rivalries

Ducks Fans Have Some Growing...

Seeing the Ducks lose early this year was a great addition to this yearís Stanley Cup Championship. I respect the Ducks (have met, hated losing and really... [read more]

U of M Women ...

It is amazing to me, but I have no doubt that after years of being the laughing stock of the Big Ten, Michigan started recruiting / showing preference... [read more]

NCAA Hall of Fame

Well, for all the reasons that South Bend isn't; the NCAA Football Hall of Fame certainly is. I was lucky enough to have a buddy, who was lucky enough... [read more]
UR All Other: Teams / Sports: Everything that we forgot about!

Submit UR stories, memories, philosophies that deserve to be part of MI sports history.
UR Sport Dedication, Around Campus, UR Making a Change, ...
Around Campus

All the Maize and Blue in Tree...

It cannot be understated the spirit that the great city of Ann Arbor shows for the University of Michigan. Everywhere you look you see the Maize and Blue.... [read more]
Around Campus

University of Michigan Party...

Hey, if college are the best years of your life, then Party Stores are an important part of college .. not to mention, an essential part in the preparation... [read more]
Welcome to urMIsports! We are dedicated to capturing everything the Fans want to remember about Michigan sports. What's important to us are the stories we all talk about when we get together, the photos you have in UR photo albums that should be part of this great history, the interview questions that aren't being asked of UR heroes.

Community and In-house selections will then be included in a commemorative edition Michigan Sports Fan book. UR stories and memories are as important as any, so believe in that, be proud of that and contribute. Have fun and thanks again!
UR Staff
Sign up if UR interested in becoming a site editor?
Photo Submission UR Michigan Girls: Your Girls wearning their favorite team colors
Story Submission All Things Michigan Hockey!: The Best Games, the Crazy Crowds (and all of their antics), Red Berenson, JMFJ, Yost,
Story Submission Close to the Action Photos: If you were lucky enough to get a great shot, make it part of Michigan Sports History!
Story Submission Best Food and Drink: What's the best food and drink served at the Palace?
Story Submission Michigan Sports Dedication: Write what Michigan Sports have meant you. and got you through.
Story Submission Western / Central Weekend: Send in UR stories and photos from this legendary weekend!
Story Submission ESPN Top Ten: We want a list of ESPN's Top Plays that are related to Michigan Sport.
Story Submission UR Best & Worst Sports Bets: It's either joyous or painful, but it's history! Give the details on UR Best or Worst MI Sports Bet.
Story Submission Michigan's Best Golf Courses: Write a review of UR Favorite Course and we'll add it to UR Favorite Golf Course Survey.
Story Submission UR Mascot Stories: Anything funny and peculiar about UR Mascots. We want to start a Mascot Hall of Fame!
Story Submission Pudge, Farewell to a Future All-Star: UR stories of the good and bad he leaves with the great city of Detroit!
Story Submission Stevie Y!: All UR Memories and Pictures of our beloved Captain.
Story Submission Barry Sander's Sportmanship: UR Memories of Barry's modesty and class behavior.
Story Submission Wayne Fontes: UR Stories and Pictures having to do with the "legendary" Lions coach.
Story Submission Stories about your playing days: If you played football or any other varisity sport for the University of Michigan, we want to hear about it!
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